Vision: To be the Centre of Academic Excellence, Spiritual and Moral Perfection and a Leading Institution of the town Our Belief Statements: We believe that…

  • Every individual is a lifelong learner.
  • Learning requires commitment from students, teachers, administration, supporting staff, parents and the community.
  • The cornerstones of learning are integrity, empathy, responsibility, honesty, respect and accountability.
  • Every student has the right to quality education and the responsibility to achieve it.
  • All students have the potential to be productive members of society.
  • The needs of students should be our first priority.
  • Diversity among people is to be valued.
  • People are our greatest resource.
  • School must provide a safe environment for teaching and learning.
  • Effective schools must have high expectations for students and staff.
  • Learning is enhanced by a positive and supportive environment that fosters creativity, self-confidence and success.
  • Students are capable of making decisions, with proper guidance, and are responsible for their own actions.
  • Change is essential for growth and improvement.
  • Reverence of all religions is essential.

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