The entire school has been split into four houses, which are:

  1. Jinnah house
  2. Iqbal house
  3. Liaquet house
  4. Thysen house

One of the main purposes of the house system is to provide physical, social and emotional  care to the students. These houses also provide a platform to the students for co/extra-curricular activities. Healthy competitions are held among the students to promote the spirit of learning, cooperation and collaboration. These competitions also promote the spirit of sportsmanship and help the students to learn the values of life. The students also learn different skills and techniques which prepare them for their future lives.

An important feature of house systems is the competitions among houses. For example, the traditional school sports day is usually an inter-house competition. Debating competitions and various functions are also often organized along inter-house lines. Merit points for behaviour and academic achievement are also totalled up for comparison between houses.

The  schools has a year-long programme of inter-house events, in which each house competes, with points contributing to the award of the House Cup at the end of the year.

Pupils are usually assigned to houses in accordance with their roll numbers, with the aim of balancing the houses in order to promote competition. Traditionally, however, once a pupil has been assigned to a house, he has to remain in that house till the next shuffling.

One notable feature of the house system is the appointment of house captains, and house deputies, who exercise limited authority within the house and assist in the organization of the house.

Houses also have their own staff members apart from housemasters. They are assigned duties by the house masters to organize the events of the school.

 Jinnah House:

The motto of the house is, “FAMAM EXTENDERE FACTIS which means, Increase your good name by good deeds.

The house color representation is blue. The house master of Jinnah house is Mr.Shumail Iqbal.

Iqbal House:

The motto of the house is “PALMAN QUI MERUIT FERAT” which means Let the trophy be carried by him who deserves it. Its colour representation is green. The house master is Mr. Kamran Younis.

Liaquet House:

The house motto is “REDDITE DEO”, which means Give back to God what he gave you. Its colour representation is red. The house master is Mr. Abid Ali.

Thysen House:

The house motto is “AETERNA NON CADUCA” which means What is eternal never fails.

Its colour representation is yellow. The house master is Mr.Naeem Pervaiz.

Every year various competitions are held throughout the year. However, during the annual sports week, which is held mostly in November the students participate in various events which include football, badminton single and double, table tennis, volley ball, tug of war, cricket for juniors and seniors, basket ball and races. Mr. Flavion Amir is the overall Sports.    

Mr. Naeem Pervaiz (Thysen House), Mr.Kamran Younas (Iqbal House), Mr.Asif Nawaz Gill (Principal), Mr.Flavion Amir (Sports Incharge), Mr.Abid Ali (Liaquet House), Mr.Shumail Iqbal (Jinnah House)